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Our Mission: To provide to the public the statistical proof that the 2020 Presidential Election was in fact FRAUDULENT. And going forward, to provide the tools to teach Americans how to use basic math and simple statistics to quickly determine the integrity of their elections – starting the day after an election is held. Raising money for highway billboards is simply an ends to a means – in order to reach a broad spectrum of the citizenry.

Cost Involved: There are day-to-day costs for any venture, along with other business cost of paying labor and just that of keeping the lights on. And with this type campaign, there are the extraordinary advertising expenses of getting the word out.

Highway billboard signs are NOT cheap! The price can range from about $1,000/month up to about $5,000/month per sign, depending upon location and whether it is the traditional type board or the new digital ones. While the traditional boards are much cheaper than the digital ones, the traditional boards require at least a 6-mo. contract.

While I am a concerned citizen, I am of only modest means. I simply do not have the money to pay for the putting up of highway signs (I don’t even have the personal money to put one sign up for any reasonable length of time). But this HAS TO BE DONE in order to try to save the nation. I am trying to put up my first sign on I-95 near Dunn; and it will cost me $5,040 (for a 6 mo. contract) for that first billboard. But my goal is to put up signs all over this great land of ours
– and Our Goal is to Raise $1,000,000. I need YOUR HELP, however, to do this and to get the ball rolling. Any donation in any amount is welcomed!

Two Methods of Donating: For Debit and Credit Card donations, please use our “Stripe” account below. Because there is often a 2.5% to 3.0% processing fee by the credit card companies, you might want to write a check for larger donations. Please write and send checks to the following address:

For Free And Fair Elections, LLC
2900-110 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27616

(We are not a non-profit organization. So your contributions are not tax deductible.)
Thank-you for your support,
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Billy Parker,
American Patriot
We appreciate any donations.


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