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Voting Fact: Elections are being Altered and Manipulated. In North Carolina since the year of 2000, the percentage of the population that votes has increased by a staggering 46%. Of this increase, it has gone in favor of the Democrats 2 to 1 – during a period where the Republicans won on the majority of the issues with the voting public. This one 2 to 1 stat should make anyone stop to consider that something really strange is happening to our elections.

Our Mission: To provide a Citizen Toolkit to teach Americans how to use basic math and simple statistics to quickly determine the integrity of their elections – starting the very day after an election is held. Central to this toolkit is our Exclusive Formatted Table of Election Results, Population, and Comparison Percentages showing election trends at the national and state level for up to the past 75 years.

In order to get this message out to the public, we want to provide workshops, publish material, launch a Voter Integrity Campaign, and to produce an on-line educational video to show exactly what is happening to our elections and teach people which numbers to keep an eye on for possible problems in future elections. This monumental task takes much money in order to accomplish; your contribution to our goal is much appreciated.

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For Free And Fair Elections, LLC
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Just One Citizen: I’m just one citizen trying to do everything I can to stop the tyranny. Won’t you join to help me – to at least try to educate others? Please make a contribution today. Thank you for your support.

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