Why One-Stop Voting, Early Voting, and No-Excuse Absentee Ballots MUST STOP.

Billy Parker

A Message from Website Creator: The Democrats are using (and abusing) One- Stop Voting, Early Voting, and the No-Excuse Absentee Ballots to drastically alter and manipulate our elections. They were also doing this, until the recent changes in election law, regarding the No Picture ID required to vote.

During Early Voting, the Democrats are able to empty out the Homeless Camps, in order to round up people by the bus load to take to the One-Stop Voting sites. When you spread out the time to vote (like with several weeks), you give time for...

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Voting History in America:



Possible Factors for this Change

  • Demographics
  • Polarization
  • Election Fraud
  • "Other"
Let's Investigate the Possibilies
* VPR stands for Voter Participation Rate - the Total number of Votes cast Divided by the Total number of Population.
Is there any wonder why so many people thought the 2020 election was possibly FRAUDULENT?
A picture is worth a thousand words!

For nearly a five (5) decade period (from 1952 to 2000) the Voter Participation Rate (VPR) was between 36.9% to 39.4% (Nationally) – a 2.5% range, and our elections looked to varying degrees like the examples shown on the left under “Elections THEN.” The political pendulum might not have swung as far to the right or to the left as shown with the two examples of 1964 and 1984, but what they all had in common was nearly the same percentage of the population voted in every election cycle. This was a period where both of the two major parties did everything, within legal limits, to get the vote out and encourage everyone to vote. If either one of the two parties ran at least an average candidate, the voter participation was within this 2.5% range of the population. There were vigorous campaigns during this period involving many good to excellent candidates; but 39.4% of the population was the maximum level of voter participation that was possible (with a two-man race). Only with the third-party candidacy of Ross Perot in 1992 was there enough enthusiasm to increase this up to 40.9%

Then with the 2004 national election, this all started to change, as shown with the (national) example on the right. While the change from THEN to NOW was gradual in the beginning, the majority of this change happened in one election cycle – that of 2020. Now the VPR on a national level is way up to 47.8% (rounded up).

For North Carolina, the VPR has traditionally been 39% or below; now it is way – way up to 52.9% (rounded down). And notice in the last frame how the percentage of “New” Democrat voters outnumbers the “New” Republican voters by an astonishing 2 to 1 ratio. This certainly should warrant an investigation and possibly election audit.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why is the VPR usually under 50% - for a functional democratic republic such as the United States?
  2. Isn't a higher VPR a good thing?
  3. If the problem is "Fraud," then where is coming from?
  4. Shouldn't Republicans be Vote Harvesting too?

To help to answer these questions, let’s refer to the Voter Participation Rate (VPR) Math Formula.

The VPR Math Formula
Columns D, E, and F of the above VPR Math Formula represents what is called the “Get-Out-the-Vote” Calculation. Let’s consider how the percentage variables for this calculation has changed over the past two decades.
How the "Get-Out-the-Vote" Number has Changed
* The Youth Population (under 18 years of age) is determined by the US Census. The Adult Population of Ineligible voters, for this analysis is estimated at 4%.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why is the VPR usually under 50% - for a functional democratic republic such as the United States? Simply put, it is how the numbers are calculated.  When considering the “Get-Out-the-Vote” number from the VPR Math Formula, the highest (legally) that it can be is that of Column D – the “Eligible Voter %” – which is largely determined by Census data (those 18 and older) but less those Adults who are ineligible to vote.  When you multiply this percentage by the other two percentages (Columns E and F), you traditionally come up with a percentage below 50%.
  2. Isn’t a higher VPR a good thing? This is a question that you will really have to answer for yourself.  Traditionally the VPR was under 40%; now in some states, it is over 50%.  It should be noted, however, that in Communist countries, the VPR is often 90% or higher.  Are our elections becoming more like those countries?
  3. If the problem is “Fraud,” then where is it coming from? It is coming from Columns E and F of the VPR Math Formula.  The “Registration to Eligible Voter %” (Column E) has traditionally been below 90%; now in North Carolina, it is way up to 95.14%.  I have solid evidence that our voter rolls are bloated with fake registrations.  Is there any wonder why this number is so high?  But more importantly, one must consider the “Ballots Received to Registration %” number (Column F).  Traditionally, this has been around 60%, with about a +/- 5% variance between election cycles; now it’s way up to 75.07% - a historical high.  That’s right; traditionally, of the registered voters, only about 60% actually show up to the polls to vote.  The remaining 40% who do not vote offers tremendous opportunities for mischief by the Democrats.  I believe the Democrats know the probability of the unlikelihood of voting by this pool of 40% of voters.  I further believe that the Democrats send people around to vote in the names of many of these “unlikely” voters.  Again, I have gathered some evidence to this affect.
  4. Shouldn’t Republicans be Vote Harvesting too? The Democrats have already picked all the low hanging fruit in the availability of new voters.  As one can plainly see, the percentages that make up the “Get-Out-the-Vote” calculation is very close to being “maxed out.”  Where exactly are the Republicans supposed to go get all these “new” voters with Vote Harvesting to offset what the Democrats have done to our election system?  The “Registration to Eligible Voter %” is already up to 95.14% in NC (with 100% being the maximum amount legally allowed); and the “Ballots Received to Registration %” is now 75.07% in NC – the highest in history.  Yes the Republicans might be able to squeeze one or two more percent out of these numbers (and the Democrats will be attempting to do the same); but can Republicans really offset what the Democrats have done, and beat them at their own game?  I contend that everybody who is willing to vote Republican is already voting Republican.  And changing them from a precinct voter to a mail-in voter through Vote Harvesting schemes is only going to move people from one column to another, on the same side of the ledger.  The only real solution is to change our election system back to what it used to be with only Election Day voting (no Early Voting) and getting rid of the No-Excuse Absentee Ballots.

The Margin and the Pivot

The Margin and the Pivot

2-to-1 Ratio relating to the changes between the Margin and the Pivot

Example: If the Pivot goes up by one (1), then the Margin will decrease by two (2).
Billy Parker

By the method of Margin and Pivot, I have identified a Bloc of “Out-of-Line” Votes here in North Carolina that amount to at least 600,000; but more likely, around 800,000. (For the Nation, this number seems to be around 28.3 Million.) These are NOT necessarily “FRAUDULENT” votes, just out-of-line according to historical trends. I do, however, believe a portion of these numbers fall into the possible category of “election fraud”; some can be explained by changes in demographics; and some fall into the category of “Other” – mostly a so-called “legal” type of election fraud called “vote harvesting.”

– Billy Parker


What is
Happening to
our Elections?

A Three-Part Series for Explanation

Part 1

A Comparison of Election Results to Population: Billy Parker has written a total of four (4) reports about the 2020 Presidential Election. The reports entitled “Part II” and the “Supplemental to Part II” of a “Special Report on the 2020 Presidential Election Results” was exclusively about comparing election results to the total population – what percentages and historical trends are yielded by making such a comparison going all the way back to 1948 in some instances. These two reports were then condensed and summarized into a 4-page article entitled “23%, 6.4%, 41% - Percentages You Need to Know If an Election is Fraudulent,” published April 3 rd 2022. This research analysis serves as the basis for and helping to now give the big-picture view of explaining, “What Is Happening to Our Elections?” For a FREE Download of the 4-page article, click
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Election Charts – Regression Analysis

Based on Official U.S. Government Numbers


Part 2

A Presentation of this Handout Material: The presentation given by Billy Parker is a further explanation of a 24-page handout of material, represents a mini-workshop, approximately an hour in length. While the handout contains a substantial amount of information, it represents only a portion of all the material that is covered with Mr. Parker’s 2-year research project investigating what is actual happening to our elections. By attending a “Part II” presentation, Mr. Parker helps to guide you and point out important points that you need to know regarding the information/data covered in the handout. We go beyond simply comparing election results to the population as with the above 4-page article. We show how our elections used to be and how they are now – a “before and now” picture definition. We consider the more than 600,000 “out-of-line” bloc of votes in North Carolina, according to historical trends, for the past two federal election cycles. We learn about the two analytical tools of the Margin and the Pivot, and discover why our elections are so different than just a few years ago. And we also consider some of the other studies done of election fraud in the 2020 election.

For a FREE Download of this very valuable booklet of handout material, click onto the button below.

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Part 3

Coming Soon Workshop into Explaining, “What Is Happening to Our Elections?”: With more time allowed in a workshop setting, Billy Parker does a further deep dive into the numbers involving some of the subjects in the Part II section above. He also covers a number of other very important subjects, making for a comprehensive analysis involving election integrity. An honest attempt is made to explain exactly what is happening to our elections! Many are surprised to learn that “election fraud” is only a portion to the big picture as to what is happening – there are a variety of other forces at play. This Coming Soon Workshop is a MUST for anyone who is concerned with election integrity and the wrongful direction that our nation seems to be taking. See ad further below for more information about the “coming soon” workshops. And while the workshops won’t be ready until 2024, register now with the registration button for email notification of upcoming events in your area of the state (only available in North Carolina at this point).

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“I’m just one citizen trying to do everything I can to stop the tyranny. While I have formed an LLC, I am NOT a Non-Profit; as a consequence, I do not qualify for any “free” government (or other) grant money. I am therefore not beholding to anyone – I’m “free” to say and do as I see fit. A lot of money is required by a private citizen such as me to get the message out as to what is happening to our elections. In providing this very valuable information to you, I’m making an investment in you, in hopes that you will come see my presentation and decide to make an investment in me – so I can continue my work and educate our fellow citizens as to what is truly happening to our elections and why things have changed so much.”

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Coming Soon - Part III Workshop on


What is
Happening to
our Elections?


Learn a Better way of analyzing election results. Once you learn the 6 Foundations (or Pillars) of Mr. Parker’s method of election analysis, you too can do your own analysis of election results in upcoming elections. You will have the tools to be confident in determining if an election is “free and fair.” The workshop goes into details and teaches you more about the following:

  • Political Pendulum of THEN and NOW
  • The Margin and the Pivot
  • The Voter Participation Rate (VPR) Math Formula
  • Calculating the “Out-of-Line” Votes
  • Historical Comparison of Election “Percentages”
  • How the Numbers have Changed (State/County)
  • Action Needed for Election Integrity to be Restored
Billy at Workshop

Over 50 Slides of information are covered in the Workshop.  As a comparison, this Part II – “Handout of Material” contains information from only 22 of the Slides – therefore, there is just so much more to learn with this method of election analysis by taking the workshop.  There are also a number of handouts in the workshop, including the Exclusive Formatted Table for all 50 states with election results going all the way back to 1960.  And if you are a resident of North Carolina, we give you the data for your county of how the numbers have changed since the last time we truly had a “free and fair” election (2000 and 2004) – the county numbers may really surprise you!

Qualifier:  While ALL are welcomed to take this workshop, but people who are “numbers people” like accountants and engineers are the ones who will get the most out of it.  We do a deep dive into the numbers in figuring out exactly what is happening to our elections.  Because one thing is certain, something really strange is in fact happening!

Register now for upcoming workshops to be announced in your county or area of the state (for now, workshops will only be available in North Carolina).  Go to the “Registration Page” to put your name on the list; and when workshops are available in your county or adjacent county, then you’ll be notified. 


Type of Slides in the Part III Workshop that are NOT covered with the Part II Handout of Material:

NC Numbers in 2000NC Numbers in 2020
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