23%, 6.4%, 41%

Percentages You Need to Know If an Election is Fraudulent

Raleigh, NC – In the 2020 General Election, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reported that Joe Biden received 81.27 Million votes, Donald Trump received 74.22 Million votes, and there were 158.38 Million votes in total that were cast for ALL candidates running for President. Another important figure to consider is that the US Census reported that we had a population of 329.48 Million people in the year of 2020. When you divide the election results by the population count, you get a “percentage” showing the level of support by the total population for a particular candidate.

Up to 25,000,000

Out-Of-Place Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election

This was the number of Out-Of-Place Ballots as compared to the Historical Election Trends and Percentages. A Portion of these were clearly “Fraudulent” votes; the remaining Portion was possibly legitimate votes as the result of “The Polarization of the American Voter.” For a further discussion of these 25 Million ballots, see the report of “Part II of A Special Report on the 2020 Presidential Election Results.”

Billy Parker

American Patriot
The 2020 elections were rigged and fraudulent. We know this because of all the anomalies that simply don’t happen naturally or by chance in an election. With the installation of an illegitimate President, we have a Constitutional Crisis of monumental proportions that we have never experienced in American history.

My goal is to make every American aware of the election fraud that took place in the 2020 election. This website is meant to be an information resource center and to tell YOU what to do to help remedy the situation.

Below are buttons to PDF Reports, other websites, and videos that provide the evidence of Election Irregularities; and yes, to even FRAUD in the 2020 Presidential Election.

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Special Report

PART II of A SPECIAL REPORT on the 2020 Presidential Election Results
Part II of a Special Report on the 2020 Presidential Election Results
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Special Report

SUPPLEMENTAL to PART II of A SPECIAL REPORT on the 2020 Presidential Election Results
Supplemental to Part II of a Special Report on the 2020 Presidential Election Results
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Special Report

A Critique of Dr. Douglas Frank, Cyber Symposium
A Critique of Dr. Douglas Frank, Cyber Symposium
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Special Report

Special Election Part I
9.6 Million Fraudulent Votes Calculated in 15 States
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Election Spikes Report

Election Spikes Report
3.0 Million "Spike" Votes Found
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Promoting American Election Integrity
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Navarro Report, Vol. 3

Navarro Report, Vol. 3
Fraud in Battleground States
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STOP the Tyranny!

End Emergency Powers and Restore Bill of Rights
End Emergency Powers and
Restore Bill of Rights

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Critique of MITRE Report

Critique of MITRE Report
The Left Lies about 2020
Here’s the Statistical Evidence

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Election Data Analysis and Indentified Irregularities

I ask 20 minutes of your time to better understand how easy it is to manipulate election data that doesn’t require fancy vote switching software or suitcases of ballots being drug out in the dark of night. If you watch only the first 5 minutes, you will miss the worst part of it all!

Stunning Video Explanation – Dr Douglas Frank Shows How The 2010 Census Was Used to Create the Algorithm That Fabricated the Electronic Vote Outcome

Published August 10, 2021
DISCLAIMER: This video by Douglas Frank presents interesting points and possibilities into how the 2020 election was stolen. The author of this website, however, considers this video to be only one of several THEORIES into what happened. Viewer discretion is advised in viewing this video. It does contain mostly factual information; but the author of this website finds some of the information to be questionable.
     Viewers should be advised that the example of District 04 in Pennsylvania is NOT indicative of other districts/states in the nation. Dr. Franks shows with this example that the percentage of registered voters compared to eligible voters is 97.9%. This percentage is considerably less in other areas of the country. Dr. Frank also gives a “Registration Key” (number of votes counted compared to registered voters) to be 86%, and Dr. Frank “implies” that this is the percentage all across the nation. This percentage is, in fact, NOT found to be this high in many and most parts of the rest of the country.
Top leaders in American government and businesses have been compromised by China, a foreign power that seeks to undermine our country and our democratic system. China is also believed to have played a major role, on several fronts, in the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election.

All the calamities of the Biden administration go back to the core issue of “problems with the ballot box.” We have to fix that problem first. The survival of the nation and for us to remain a Free People is at stake!

What You Can DO

Uncle Sam

How you can fight for our Republic!

Click Here to see the DETAILS of an EIGHT (8) POINT ACTION PLAN of What You Can Do:
Get Educated and Get the Word Out
Become an Election Data Analyzer
Write Your Legislators
Be the Parade
Vote the Bums Out
A Class Action Suit
Start to Ask the Question
Donate to the Cause
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