WARNING: Immediate Action Required

From the Desk of Billy Parker, April 6, 2023: 

Dear Friend, 

It is time to batten down the hatches. I have feared this moment all my life. And I’m not nearly as prepared as I should be. Things are going to drastically change for us Americans very soon in ways that most of us can’t even imagine; and it may all start to cascade in a matter of months (and maybe in weeks or even days). 

What I’m talking about is a total economic collapse of our system. You see, one of the main reasons why we have been able to enjoy such a high standard of living for all these years is because the US Dollar was the world’s reserve currency. If a country needed to buy oil, they had to do it in US Dollars or what is called PetroDollars. And this setup has even allowed us to run huge federal deficits without much harm to the country. But that is all about to change, and very quickly. 

China wants to overthrow the United States as the world’s sole super power (and the Biden Administration is very much helping them). About a year ago, the largest country in South America, Brazil, had a very questionable election, much like our own in 2020; as a result, they had a change in government – one that has become much more friendly to China, and more hostile towards the United States. About 10 days ago, Brazil and China entered into an agreement where they would no longer use US Dollars to trade in. India has recently entered into such agreements as well. And many more nations are on the verge of stopping their use of the US Dollar as well. 

The PetroDollar is DEAD and the US Dollar as the world reserve currency is OVER! Once all these nations start to dump and sell their dollars, it will have a cascading effect, and our money will become worthless very quickly and OVERNIGHT. As to when this will all start, I have it on good authority that it will likely happen this summer in July or August; but it may start, again, as early as within days. 

There will be vast runs on bank deposits initially. But having your funds FDIC insured won’t help much, because the cash itself will soon become worthless – our money will soon become just paper. In fact, anything as a financial asset involving “paper” such as a stock certificate, a CD, and our paper currency will evaporate very quickly. The only thing that will hold its value (initially) will be hard assets such as real estate, gold, silver, etc. I therefore strongly urge you to put what money you have now, while it still has value, into physical gold and silver ASAP. (Of course, the government may make owning gold illegal like FDR did back in the 1930s.) 

In such a doomsday scenario, there are things you need to stock up on, and in this order: #1 is Medication, #2 is Water, and #3 is Food. If you take any type medications or are low on pain medication, you might want to think about stockpiling. While bottled water is a good idea, you also need to think about larger quantities of water – in case the local utilities go out or are shut off. Try to get some of those plastic 5 gallon containers to fill with water; you’ll need them to flush the commode and to wash dishes with. Also, stock up on your food in the pantry. Buying a small generator to keep your refrigerator and other essential electronics running should be a high priority as well. 

Sadly because of my financial situation in life, I am not prepared for such a total social and economic breakdown. I have, however, tried to do everything humanly possible to stop the tyranny and make a difference. I have committed the past two years of my life, by taking my time and using what little savings I have, in trying to educate and inform people as to what really happened in the 2020 election. I have written four (4) reports on the subject and developed a website providing information to the public. At one point, I have even purchased and given out several hundred copies of the Constitution – so as to remind people of and to keep alive the Bill of Rights – our God-given rights as citizens of this great nation. My personal evangelism has also required a small fortune in printing charges and gas expense in order to routinely visit people throughout central and eastern North Carolina. 

We are all aware of what is currently going on involving Donald Trump and the indictment. But please realize that this is all a sideshow by those in control – to keep us distracted from what is really happening to our country, like the bank failures, the invasion along the Southern Border, all the Fentanyl deaths, the decline of the United States in the world, and how the UniParty – both Democrats and Republicans alike in Washington are trying their best to get us into an nuclear war with Russia (and China) over Ukraine. 

I must realize though that I’m just one single person with very limited financial means, and there is just so much that I can do (which is a really hard thing for me to understand). Trying to warn the relatively “few” (several 100) people that I personally know is really all that I know how to do. When the real emergency happens with the pending economic collapse, there will be little that I can do at that point to keep warning people – the situation will be self evident then. All that I can do then is to try to be a leader and a point of truth. And remember this: We have to stick together if we are to survive this storm; we cannot become violent; and we must follow the teachings of our Lord by loving our neighbor and showing charity towards others. 

God Bless and take care. 

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